A comfortable smart wearable alarm utilizing silent vibration to awaken users over the course of ten minutes.

The Smarter Wake Up is A SilentWakeUp™


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How does SilentWakeUp™ benefit you?

Couples & Roommates
The Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Our company intends to donate a SilentWakeUp™ device to the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community for every five devices sold.

A Gentle Wakeup

Did you know that traditional alarm clocks can be detrimental to your health? Standard alarms wake you up instantly and abruptly from a deep sleep state, which according to the latest sleep research can raise blood pressure, increase adrenaline, and leave you feeling confused and irritated throughout the morning. Who knew that one little alarm clock could cause so many big problems?

SilentWakeUp™ utilizes a series of vibrations to slowly bring you from a deep to a light sleep state.  Your wake up is gradual and pleasant.  Gone are the days of being jarred awake from deep sleep by a blaring alarm! With SilentWakeUp™, you can look forward to being roused gently each morning and starting your day off right.

How it works…


Download the app

Download the SilentWakeUp™ app & connect your device to your smartphone using bluetooth


Set your wake up time

SilentWakeUp™ begins to silently vibrate at increasing intervals ten minutes prior to your alarm fully activating. The series of vibrations slowly brings you from a deep to a light sleep state so that your wake up is as gradual and pleasant as possible


Attach device to your body

Apply an adhesive pad to your skin and press the SilentWakeUp™ device firmly against the pad.  That’s it!

What You Can Expect


Ten minutes prior to your desired wake up, SilentWakeUp™ begins to rhythmically vibrate at increasing intervals. This brings users gradually out of a deep sleep & into a light sleep state before your alarm fully activates for forty five seconds. This revolutionary process of awakening users minimizes the effects of grogginess, improves mood, & respects surrounding housemates’ sleep cycles.


SilentWakeUp™ features a minimal profile. The device is as compact as possible while still retaining its core functions.


Attached with medical grade, reusable adhesive pads to comfortably and securely attach the device to your skin throughout the night. These pads are made of hypoallergenic silicone that leave no marks when removed.


Skip charging entirely. Your device is powered by a compact, replaceable long-lasting lithium coin battery that is expected to last three to six months. Just check your battery life percentage in the app to see when it’s time for a replacement.

The world’s first device to offer a silent, individual, and prolonged wake up


For Individuals

We naturally awaken gradually over thirty to forty minutes minutes as the sun rises. This gentle process allows our brains to gradually transition from deep sleep to a light sleep before fully awakening. Modern alarms do not capitalize on the benefits of this natural process and instead wake us up instantaneously with no regard for sleep cycles.

SilentWakeUp™ vibrates gradually at increasing intervals ten minutes prior to your alarm fully activating. This brings users into a pleasant light sleep before they are fully awakened.


For Couples & Roommates

Couples & roommates with different daily schedules interrupt each other’s sleep when their alarm goes off. This cycle can lead to strained relationships and poor health due to interrupted sleep.

SilentWakeUp™ provides a soundless option that only alerts the wearer when it is time to wake up. While the vibrations will be strong enough to fully wake the wearer, it will not disrupt others in the area, even if they are cuddling or in close proximity.


For The Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Standard alarm clocks, which rely on sound only to wake up the user, are practically useless for the Deaf or hard of hearing. They favor being awoken by natural sunlight or someone else in the home. Those who live alone or must be awake before the sun rises essentially have no options.

SilentWakeUp™ provides a guaranteed, gradual wake up that is not as jarring as strobe lights or a vibrating mattress. We eliminate the need for relying on another person and give users the ability to wake up at any time of their choosing, regardless of where the sun is!

The world’s first and smallest device offering silent, individual, and a prolonged wake up.

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